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The whole thing starts at the beginning:

Inspired growers who love their job and with the best potato varieties you can get.

Fries with the fresh taste of the field. Growers who deliver quality with a smile, day in and day out. That’s the magic secret of producing the best taste in the world in every helping of fries (and more).

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We process the best potatoes in our food production line, all over the world (five factory locations):  Netherlands; two in Belgium; Poland; Egypt.

Fresh from the field. Plenty of taste. Just like it should be. Because this is the only way to produce the best fries and potato specialties. Naturally, we strive to do this in a sustainable way, with respect for humans and environment. More than 1500 Farm Frites specialists are committed to this cause on a daily basis. You can see and taste this. 


Delicious fries and potato specialities;  that's a real treat!


Fries are becoming ever more popular, all over the world. Especially when they are produced fresh from the field. Because fries are tasty! But tastes differ, and some love thin French fries, where others adore thick wedges or a crunchy bite. We know exactly which types and tastes match the various preferences. We love assisting you in selecting the right type of fries (or any other potato product), giving you a taste for more on your own plate as well...

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Growing potatoes is in our blood. 

Growing potatoes is in our blood. After all, the founder of Farm Frites was a potato farmer and his knowledge has been passed down, generation to generation. Over the years, Farm Frites has grown to become one of the main potato growers and seed potato breeders in the world.

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In 1971 we began as, and still are, a family business.

We are proud of our farming heritage. For more than 50 years, we have been passionate about working with people and with nature. Our rich history in potato cultivation and production has resulted in long-term partnerships with our highly-valued clients, growers and employees. 

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